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Thank you KidTrol! for Families Premium: Rafael DiasParent of two great kids. So the rules dont have to be ironclad if your child is particularly mature. We plan to test Circle Go soon to see if the app is worth the $9. Along with stopping kids from downloading inappropriate apps, this method will also protect them against malware, since a skeptical adult is theoretically more likely to be able to spot a shady, illegitimate app. s iOS offering provides robust filtering tools, whether you use the iPhones builtin Safari browser or s own browser. Kidtrols Scheduling feature allows you to set specific days and times to disable your childs apps automatically.

Trust me, I work there. That said, theres no way to limit the time kids can spend on specific apps or to disable a phone entirely at night.   Create a Restrictions passcode. For some reason I Cloud isnt sinking text and calls even though I know the I Cloud is working properly. And I was uncomfortable with just how much personal data Lock2Learn requires. None of the services tested for iPhone were able to effectively limit how much time a child could spend on their iPhone; we also couldnt monitor texts I Need to Monitor Childs iPhone%2c Texts or Phone Calls or block specific contacts.

That means talking to your kids about what they should and shouldnt do with their mobile devices, clearly communicating how you expect them to act and making clear that you will be monitoring what they do with their phones. I was also unable to block callers, though I could set an alert for when a specified number contacted my childs phone. has an option for masking I Want to Monitor Kids Cell Phone%2c SMS and Phone Calls History curse words instead of blocking the whole page due to one obscene comment, and it even lets you block content as specific, and nefarious, as anime. March 6, Keeps dropping child profile called for help NO TECH SUPPORT OFFERED, at least they refunded me, well at least thats what they said. Its that the internet never goes to sleep or stops demanding our attention. Yurii Grechko February 7, An application is awesome. S.

The user friendly interface lets you organize and name your connected devices. Read how phone use before bed is positively associated with insomnia and how electronic Device light causes suppression of release of Melatonin. This list currently highlights only the latest and greatest Android apps for parental control. You can monitor more on the iPhone than you could a year ago, but Android remains a better platform if you want more control over how your children are using their mobile devices. Otherwise, no one can use that app or feature on your device. 99 a year after the trial period.

The app is difficult to install, and its locationtracking features arent as accurate as Id like to see. Support wouldnt respond to my questions about the apk so I reinstalled the Playstore app until I found a better monitoring app. This app lets you enhance your childs online experience by ensuring that they stay safe from stalkers, cyberbullying, mature content, porn, and a whole host of other harmful online elements.

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It can be controlled via any browser and the app itself runs in the background, providing you with an easy way to check up on usage. Do the apps let you review the content of your childs texts?

You cant block or restrict which apps your child can use (unless you use the iPhones builtin restriction), and, as on other iOS parental control apps, you cant block specific contacts. I began using your app since it first came out and I love it. In the free version you can control only one phone but you can use the On Demand timeout feature at will, for free, for life. Still, I do like the way My Mobile breaks down a childs mobile activities on its dashboard.

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Complete rip off! I Want to Spy Kids iPhone, Cell Phone Calls or SMS for Families Premium: How many devices can you control?

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Kidtrol Is Helping Your Kids In School And At Home The Kidtrol parental control app is making it easy for parents to control their kids phone usage. App Management: I monitored activity and managed settings on a MacBook Pro, and used an HTC One M8 and iPhone 6 Plus to send texts or call the Android device I was monitoring. Is it your teens location that always keeps you on your toes?